Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC

Alliance Assumes Managment and Operating Contract for NREL

Under the current U.S. Department of Energy contract, in place October 1, 2008, Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC (Alliance) manages and operates NREL. Alliance is a limited liability company that is equally owned and governed by Battelle and MRIGlobal.

The contract is valued at approximately $1.1 billion, subject to annual appropriations, over a five-year period. The contract may be extended for up to five additional years.

Alliance is confident in NREL’s ability to achieve national energy goals and has a bold vision and clear concept for its future.

Through growth and investment, NREL will drive market-relevant technology innovations, accelerate technology commercialization and deployment, lead insightful analysis, create a “Campus of the Future” and foster the best work environment possible.

Exempt Organization Files

2008 Form 990-EZ, 2/7/08-9/30/08
2008 Form 990, 10/1/08-9/30/09
2009 Form 990, 10/1/09-9/30/10
2010 Form 990, 10/1/10-9/30/11
2011 Form 990, 10/1/11 – 9/30/12



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